What You Need to Know About Us
The I.T. Machine began on April Fools day 2001. Read into that whatever you like. Since then, we have been setting up networks and fixing computers for businesses around the Twin Cities each and every day. Even weekends, sometimes. That’s like 2800 days of experience as a company.

If you find yourself saying, ‘Wow, The I.T. Machine must really know what they are doing, what with their multiple-thousand days of experience,’ then you are not alone. You might actually be alone physically right now, but not in terms of your thinking.

But all joking aside for this sentence, we do actually know what we are doing. You won’t be able to tell that from this website, because no matter what we might say about ourselves, you have no way of telling whether or not we are lying just by reading a list of clients, looking at some logos of companies we have worked with, seeing stock photography of Professional Business People pointing at computers, or reading some forced and highly-edited quotes from people we have worked with for the past decade.

Honestly, you need to give us a call and meet us. I would tell you to check us out on Facebook, but we don’t have a Facebook page because Facebook is stupid. Ditto Twitter (although “Ditto Twitter” would be a good band name, right?). We do maintain a kickin’ GeoCities page, so spend some time searching for that if you like.

If you are getting the sense that we are a bit cynical about the necessity for a super-glossy information-rich website when we essentially offer the same services as EVERY OTHER GROUP OF I.T. PEOPLE in the entire city, you are observant and deserve praise. It’s true – all I.T. Professionals speak in code and refer to humans as “end-users.” We all want you to know that we will make your computers write your reports for you, save you 3 million dollars every week, optimize your Fetzer Valves in real time and shoot rainbows out of their fan-holes so that you can concentrate on your core competencies. Or something. Go ahead – peruse some other websites out there. There are lots of great ones. And just know, that whatever they do, we do that too.

In closing, feel free to click around our website looking for things like software we know about, industry cliches, rates, theories (both computer-related and conspiracy) and pictures of people having a good time near computers, graphs and binders. I promise I will put them around, just in case that’s what you go in for. Otherwise, if you are just someone who doesn’t care to deal with computery stuff and wants to hire someone else to do it for you, give us a call. You won’t be disappointed.