What Exactly Do We Do?
At The I.T. Machine, we have an entire room full of people working on one single question: what else can The I.T. Machine do for you? Let me tell you, that is a hard question to answer, because we do so much already. If you look carefully at what is typed below, you will find a list of those things.

– Build and maintain office networks, both simple and complex

– Fix computers that have moved from being “useful” to being “boat anchors”

– Connect your office to, I shudder to even type this, The Cloud

– Help you use your computers and systems to work more efficiently and collaboratively

– Figure out how to make that one thing you had installed three years ago actually work

– Connect your mobile workforce to the MotherShip in a useful way

– Provide a cost-effective way to back up your important stuff

– Entertain you while the ship sinks (only if you ask for it specifically)

– Work with your Internet Service Providers and other third parties that you hate calling

– Plant a garden (We office with a registered landscape architect)

– Get all your computers and related gear for you

– Connect your Euopean office with your American office (seriously – we do this)