How Many Things Do We Know?
Collectively, we know so very many things as to make it difficult to list in a single website. Oddly enough, many of those things we know relate directly to computers and their ilk. Still more relate to other random topics like, ‘what is the best movie sequel of all time,’ or ‘is it more proper to say ‘myriad usless knowledge’ or ‘myriad OF useless knowledge?’

Anyway, here is one of the lists I referred to in the “About” section. Read it if you like. You won’t find a lot of references to certifications, memberships, accredidations and the like because we don’t care so much about those things. If you need a CISCO CERTIFIED TECHNICAL WIZARD, you should look elsewhere. If you need an MCSE, find someone with more money that bought that particular certification. Look, we’ve been doing this stuff as a company for more than 11 years, and have been working with some of the same companies for even longer than that – clearly we either know what we are doing, or we have special mental powers that allow us to control other humans. Either way, doesn’t it seem worth meeting us?

Now let’s bring on the bullet points!

– Windows Servers, from NT to 2008. (I know, even a random band of monkey technicians would put this one in their list)
– Windows OS, from DOS to Windows 7 (Again, the monkeys)
– MAC OS, from 7 to 10 (No monkeys here – cats. Get it? Because they name all their versions after kitty cats!)
– Linux (Not just, like, I want to sound cool at geek parties. One of us REALLY knows a lot. Just ask him.)
– SharePoint – We can develop sites for you in SharePoint, not just set it up for you
– VPN – If you need to connect multiple offices, or home office users to the mothership, we can do it without spending a ton
– Advanced Routing – We maintain multiple global networks where info is zinging around like mad, and we don’t lose anything. Crazy, right?
– Printers, iPads and other ‘stuff’ – I got a plotter to print again after it was “serviced” by an “authorized technician.” Might not sound like much, but if you have a plotter, you will likely understand.
– Electron Wrangling – If you suspect that some of the electrons in your various devices might be leaking out, we have some special lassos we can use to get them back. And tiny horses.