Fixing OneDrive When It Will Not Even Start

So, after trying to set up a sync of a very large Library at a time when an associate was indicating a problem with syncing to his machine, I ended up breaking my machine. At first, it seemed like sync worked for me, but I am thinking it didn’t. We rebooted and updated the server since then, so that might help us out as well.

Long story short, I restored to a previous day in System Restore, which fixed my issue.


Having done so many other things, I am not sure if that is all it would take. First I followed option 1 in the post at Now at least I know where OneDrive hides its files. I also experimented with removing OneDrive and some other sub-office 2013 components, and nothing worked.

So the key ended up being that I could use OneDrive when logged into the same machine as another user. That led me to try the rollback, which allowed me to sync things again. Unfortunately, I am not sure how it would work to re-sync the libraries in the associate’s OneDrive area – I was not syncing anything that I needed. So, I would highly recommend creating a copy of all local files before messing with anything. I say, give the following a try.

The Process

  1. Create a copy of all data in the end-user’s OneDrive and/or SharePoint sync folders.
  2. Log into the machine as another user.
  3. Assuming OneDrive works under the other user, log back into the regular user.
  4. Restore to a point prior to the emergence of the issue.
  5. Hopefully, things will work again.
  6. If not, try the stuff indicated in the link above and try again.

I would like to have more definitive info in the post, because this issue will be a serious one if it comes up with our clients.

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