Welcome to the Jungle

And by “jungle,” I mean this website. And by “welcome,” I mean if you have to be here, I guess that’s fine. So let’s begin. We are the I.T. Machine, and we mean business. Computer business. Like cables, drives, RAM, microprocessors, macroprocessors, food processors – the whole shootin’ match. And why wouldn’t it be? How many of you can say you were there when they built the pyramids? Or the Taj Mahal? Or the Denny’s? I agree – it would take too long. But, if you want something done right, you have to lace both shoes, one after the other.

In conclusion, I think we can all agree that this is the beginning of something – the beginning of something real, something concrete – substantial. And if time proves to be the cruel master so many of us suspect, then so be it. Without the adventure, life is simply the passage of time. And possibly gas. Not the passage of gas, but simply its existence. Or not – you decide.

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