Nokia Lumia 900 Selling Faster Than They Can Be Sold

I just read the following on

Nokia is selling Lumia 900 smartphones faster than it can sell them, Chris Weber, Nokia’s U.S. president, told PC Magazine at this week’s CTIA Wireless show in New Orleans.

I have to be honest, after I read that, I stopped reading, because there really couldn’t be anything more stunning that what had already been said. Now, I will admit, I like Windows Phone – I really do. I think Windows phones are the best option out there right now, kinda even edging out the iPhone. But who cares? Not only, who cares what I think about Windows or any other phones, but who cares about anything else other than THE NEWLY DISCOVERED ABILITY TO SELL THINGS FASTER THAN THEY CAN BE SOLD!?! This Chris Weber guy, aside from being a pretty decent basketball player, has opened the door to untold wealth for everyone. I’m not a math wiz, but let me see if I have this right. Let’s say I can sell 100 hamburgers in an hour, and I make $1.00 per hamburger. That means, in the past, I could make a maximum of $100 per hour at my hamburgery. Now, with this new Nokia technology, I will be able to sell more than that, even though I can only sell 100. So, that puts me over 100%, which is impossible except in sports. So, and correct me if I am wrong, but if you multiply by something bigger than 100%, it’s kinda like dividing by zero, and you get some sort of error. BUT, if it is dollars, it goes to infinity or something, so theoretically I would have an infinite amount of money, right? You know, now that I am writing this all down, I think maybe it doesn’t make all that much sense. But don’t ruin my moment – I am going to go sell more of something than I can sell and see what happens.

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