Android Mail crApp

So, Google needs to get its act together. Anyone who supports Android devices in a Microsoft Exchange environment has to hate them. I have no idea if Ice Cream Sandwich, or possibly the upcoming Fudgesicle release, or even the rumored Bomb Pop OS revamp will have a better integrated mail app, but the phones and tablets I get to see have a stupid broken one that sometime works, sometimes doesn’t and sometimes does and then later doesn’t. I end up having to buy a third-party app to consistently connect to Exchange servers. We have Exchange 2003, 2007 BPOS and 365 environments, and the Android phones are hit and miss in all of them. iPhones are great – have been for years. New Windows phones are great too. And, I have to think that has to do with the amount of control Apple and Microsoft have over their respective phone/OS combos. I have not been a huge fan of companies exerting the type of control that Apple does over everything, I guess kind of from a philosophical perspective. But when it comes to phones, I can drop my philosophy. A phone is an appliance, kind of like a toaster – at least more so than a computer. Apple and Microsoft give us a toaster and tell us to make toast with it. Google gives us a metal box and some wires and tells us to string the wires inside the box, then make toast. Actually, this is a horrible analogy and I don’t want to continue with it. How about this: Apple and Microsoft provide a fully-assembled P51 Mustang, and Google gives us the kit. And sometimes, when we put the kit together, the glue fumes are too much, and the model looks kinda funny when we are done. No, this is also an obscure and weird analogy. You know, I guess I am going to leave the analogies up to the reader(s) and just stop typing.

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