My Hotloaded OS

So, I am looking at different brands of computers, and my intern tells me to look at Acer and some other “pretend” computer companies that nerds will say are just as good as other companies because the parts in them are all the same and why would I pay extra money for the words Dell or HP on the front. Then the geeks or old dudes with beards will say that you’re an idiot if you don’t build your own because you’re not smart enough to pick the best components for like nothing on the eBay.

Anyway, Acer keeps touting the following:

“Genuine Windows 7 Professional 32 bit – Genuine Windows7 Professional 64 bit – (Dual-hotloaded OS)

My question is, what the heck is that, and why do I need it? No, the real question is, doesn’t a “Dual-hotloaded OS” sound super sexy? The answer is yes, and when can I get me some?

For more information on hotloading things in pairs, please contact Acer directly. I assume they can hotload other things dual-ly as well. I mean, clearly they have the technology…

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